Application for Admission

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1. Personal Data

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Date of Birth: [dob]    
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2. Educational Background:

List all institutions, degrees - subjects, and year of graduation. Official transcripts are needed. With this application, you may send copies, and arrange for official transcripts to be sent later
Institution Location Dates attended Degree(s) earned Subject(s)

3. Purpose of study at HUA

Masters degree Doctoral degree Advanced Diploma Non Degree Thesis Only
Program: (Needed if you are registering for an HUA degree program)

Hinduism/ Hindu Philosophies/ Yoga Philosophy & Meditation/ Yoga Education/ Ayurvedic Sciences/ Jyotish/Vedic Astrology/ Sri Aurobindo Studies) Please specify if you are opting for Thesis - Only option

4. Additional Information:

Please write, in a free format, on the back of this form or on attached sheets, about yourself, your publications, honors, awards etc. (if applicable). Also, please share your objectives for joining Hindu University; ideals you cherish, your role - models/heroes, value/principles you are trying to live by or
you would like to develop. We would also appreciate your letting us know of the books, people, incidents etc. that have influenced you in a significant way.

All information provided here is best to my knowledge and belief. I understand that any misrepresentation here will be ground for my being expelled from the University, without refund or monies paid for tuition or otherwise.