Vedic Astrology

Master’s Program in Vedic Astrology (Jyotiṣh)


The Master’s degree program in Jyotiṣh (Vedic Astrology) is designed to lead the students to a deeper knowledge of Jyotiṣh, the traditional ancient Hindu Science of predicting past, present and future for individuals as well as for entities. Currently HUA has an arrangement with the ‘American College of Vedic Astrology’ (ACVA) for collaborative teaching of certain courses. There are two routes open to persons interested in earning Master’s Degree from Hindu University of America in Vedic Astrology

  1. Students registered with Hindu University of America, may be advised to take some courses with ACVA per ACVA’s schedule and fee structure.
  2. Persons successfully completing Level I and Level II certificates from ACVA, can register with HUA and complete the Master’s Program by doing 2 University Core courses and a Master’s Thesis / Elective Courses as described in this

 Master’s Degree program (or Advanced Diploma) in Jyotiṣh Requirements

University Core Courses – 6 credits)
HUC 5001 Principles of Hinduism – 3 credits
HUC 5003 Basic Sanskrit – 3 credits
Program Core Courses – 21 credits)
JYO 5101 General Astrology & Astronomy – 2 credits
JYO 5102 Mathematical and Predictive Astrology – 3 credits
JYO 5201 Birth Time Rectification, Yoga and Transits – 2 credits
JYO 5202 Delineation of Charts, Vimśhottari Daśhā – 1 credit
JYO 5203 Annual Horoscopy or Tajik System – 1 credit
JYO 5204 Calculation and Effects of Six Types of Planetary Strengths
or the Shad-Bala  –  1 credit
JYO 5205 Divisional Charts –  1 credit
JYO 5301 Aṣhtakvarga and Judgement of Bhāva’s –  2 credits
JYO 5302 Horary (Praśhṇa)  –  2 credits
JYO 5303 Jaimini Astrology  –  2 credits
JYO 5401 Longevity and Medical Astrology  –  1 credit
JYO 5402 Timing of Marriage, Muhūrta & Match Making  –  2 credits
JYO 5403 Astro Meteorology and Mundane Astrology –  1 credit

Practice, Seminars and Thesis                                             (10 credits)
JYO 6001 Intensive Seminar I – 2 credits
JYO 6002 Intensive Seminar II – 2 credits
JYO 6999 Master’s The- 6 credits

 Core Courses for Master’s Degree Program in Jyotiṣh

 Currently these courses are offered by ACVA as part of their Level I and Level II certification program.

JYO 5101 General Astrology & Astronomy                               2 credits

Theory and history of Vedic Astrology, value and use of Vedic Astrology, Astrology and modern sciences, Astrology and karma, relevance of   Vedic Astrology, Astrology and Psychology. The Solar System, earth and the sky, planetary system, inner and outer planets, the north and the south nodes, comets, shadow planets, stars, ecliptic, equator, longitude and latitude, sidereal and tropical zodiac, constellations, planets in Hindu Astronomy-which are important for Vedic Astrology, the lunar, solar and the luni-solar year, almanac or the Vedic Pañchanga, eclipses.

JYO 5102 Mathematical and Predictive Astrology                  3 credits

Astrological terminology, time measures, ayanaṃśhas, time differences and various time zones, vedic sunrise and sunset, casting of horoscope by modern and traditional methods, twelve houses and their significations, nine planets and their properties, twelve signs and their characteristics, ownership of nine planets, exaltation and debilitations of planets, planets and their significations, planetary aspects, longevity, marakas or death inflicting combinations, judgement of chart and results of different ascending signs.

JYO 5201 Birth Time Rectification, Yoga and Transits             2 credits

Birth time rectifications and the traditional theories of correcting a chart, key planets for different ascendents, lunar yogas – sunapha, anapha, Durudhara, Kemadruma, Gaj kesari, Chandra mangala, Adhi yoga, Amala yoga, solar yoga vesi, vasi, Ubhayachari, budha aditya, other yogas lagnadhi, Amala, Ruchaka, Bhadra, Hamsa, Malarya, Garuda, Kedar, Sasa, Sakata, MahaBhāgya, Raj yoga, Vipreet raj yogas, effects of transits, transits of Saturn, Jupiter and nodes.

JYO 5202 Delineation of Charts,Vimśhottari Daśhā               1 credit

Delineation of birth chart by applying principles from the classical books, timing of events through major sub and sub- sub periods of planets, synthesis of dynamic planetary configurations, calculation and interpretations of Vimśhottari Daśhās, important clues from classical books.

JYO 5203 Annual Horoscopy or Tajik System                          1 credit

Casting of the annual chart, promises of the annual chart, understanding the annual chart through tajik periods, sahams for income, marriage, job and other important events, yogas of Tajik for annual horoscopy, predicting the events of a particular year through annual tajik chart, methods to combine natal and annual Tajik chart.

JYO 5204 Calculation and Effects of Six Type of Planetary Strengths (Shad-Bala)                                                                               1 credit

The sthāna bala or the positional strength, the dṛik bala or the directional strength, the kāla bala or the periodical strength, the chestā bala, or the operational strength, the naisargika bala or the natural strength and the Dṛik bala or the aspectual strength. Calculations and implications of six types of planetary strengths, their importance while giving predictions, practical illustrations and case-studies.

JYO 5205 Divisional Charts                                                       1 credit

Importance of vargas or the divisional charts, importance of Hora, Drekkana, Navamsha, Saptamsha, Dwadashamsha, Dashamsha, Trimshamsha charts in day to day predictions. Combining divisional charts with natal charts for predictions. Divisional charts and their significance.

JYO 5301 Aṣhtakvarga and Judgement of Bhāva’s                 2 credits

Calculation of Bhimashtaka Pratharashtaka and Sarvashloka. Importance of Sarvashtaka points in relation to transits of planets. Prastharashaka – an advance vedic technique and dots of destiny, Kakhya for closer timing, generalities of individual ashtavarga, ashtashvarga of Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. Reduction and shodhya pinda, timing of events through vimshottari and sarvashtaka, calculation of longevity through ashtakavarga. The twelve Bhāva’s and their analysis. What to judge from each Bhava, different yogas in different Bhāva’s, planets and their significations in different Bhāva’s, special signification of Bhāva’s.

JYO 5302 Horary (Praśhṇa)                                                      2 credits

Calculation of Praśhṇa chart, understanding the query from quadrant houses, understanding the type of question on the basis of planetary strengths. Judging the strength of the enemy and his moves, judging the malefic and benefic tendencies of a new visitor, auspicious yogas of Praśhṇa, determining the sickness and the period of recovery from sickness from the horary chart, determining the period of coming back of a person from a long and distant journey, determining the safe return of a kidnapped or a missing person, theft and the thief, determining the recovery of a stolen article, determining the appearance or appearances of a thief or thieves. Calculating the location of a stolen article. Praśhṇa and the relationship, Praśhṇa and the appearance of spouse. Use of navamsha and drekkāṇa in Horary or Praśhṇa chart. Determining the sex of a yet to be born baby from Praśhṇa chart.

JYO 5303 Jaimini Astrology                                                      2 credits

Calculation of Jaimini’s chara dasha, calculation of karakas, Ārūcha lagna, results of Ātmakāraka in different signs, Jaimini aspects, aspects on kārakāṃśha lagna by various planets, results from 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th house from Kārakamsha, 12th from aroodha lagna, Jaimini raj Yogas, Pada lagna, calculation of different padas, results from different padas, Up-pada and its signification in marriage life, spiritual inclinations from karakamsha lagna, timing through Jaimini’s chara dasha, how to combine Vimshottari and jaimini’s chara dasha of different signs. Jaimini’s sthira dasha and sthira karakas, Jaimini clue to ascertain cause of death.

JYO 5401 Medical Astrology                                                     1 credit

Pre-requisites JYO 5202 & JYO 5205

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Astrology including the relationship with Macro Cosmos and Micro cosmos – Edifice of Astrology and Karma theory – Meanings of Astrological terminologies. Signification of Zodical signs, houses, planets and stars with relevance to Medical Astrology, parts of the human body ruled by signs, planets and stars – study of a healthy body (Deha Soukhya Yoga) or diseased body (Deha Kashta Yoga).

JYO 5402 Timing of Marriage, Muhūrta & Match Making       2 credits

Seventh house and afflictions to it. Combinations for delay in marriage. Difference between denial and delay in marriage, Navamsha and the quality of married life, affliction of Venus and its effect on married life. Timing of marriage through Vimshottari, Chara dasha and important transits, electional astrology or Muhurta, role of good lunar date for starting an important and auspicious project. Importance of yoga, karaṇa, nakśhatra for electional or Muhurta astrology. Transit of Moon and the Muhurta. Muhurta for marriage, Muhurta for undertaking an important assignment, Muhurta for starting a long and important journey, match making – matching the two horoscopes for marriage or relationships, 36 gaṇa points and koota points, position of Moon in each chart. Bad effects of six-eight or two-twelve relationships of Moon. Position of Venus and sexual compatibility, Daśhā of planets in 6th, 8th and 12th houses and success of marriage. The ideal match.

JYO 5403 Astro Meteorology and Mundane Astrology            1 credit

Predicting weather from movements of planets. Transit of Sun and Moon in different signs for predicting weather patterns, predicting natural disasters e.g. earthquakes, cyclones etc. from various planetary transits, market trends and mundane astrology. Countries and their new year chart as per Hindu New Year. Important events and the importance of a new year chart. The various significations of twelve houses in a country’s chart.

JYO 6001 Practice/ Seminar I                                                   2 credits

Practical experience of astrology, preparation of horoscopes, participation in seminars and Jyotiṣh conferences, writing               articles related to Jyotiṣh. Documentation and records of activities needed.

JYO 6002 Practice Seminar II                                                   2 credits

Practical experience of astrology, preparation of horoscopes, participation in seminars and Jyotiṣh conferences, writing articles related to Jyotish. Documentation and records of activities needed.

JYO 6101 Selected Topics in Jyotiṣh                                         3 credits

JYO 6999 Master’s Thesis                                                          6 credits

Research thesis of sufficient merit and originality on a topic in Vedic Jyotiṣh.

Summary of Requirements for Vedic Astrology (Jyotiṣh) Programs

 (Note Jyotiṣh Department also offers JYO 5001 Basic Jyotiṣh course design for programs in Hindu Divinity.)

VEDIC ASTROLOGY (JYOTISH) PROGRAMS HU Master’s Degree (or Advanced Diploma)
HUC Core Courses (6 credits) HUC 5001
HUC 5003
Program Core Courses JYO 5101
JYO 5102
JYO 5201
JYO 5202
JYO 5203
JYO 5204
JYO 5205
JYO 5301
JYO 5302
JYO 5303
JYO 5401
JYO 5402
JYO 5403
Seminars, Practice etc. (4 credits) JYO 6001
JYO 6002
Thesis (6 credits) JYO 6999