Sri Aurobindo Studies

The Mother and Sri Aurobindo
The Mother and Sri Aurobindo

Sri Aurobindo (1872-1950) is recognized as one of India’s greatest spiritual figures, who with a vast realization of the ancient truths boldly reached out towards a greater spiritual future for humanity. This degree program is designed to give the learner a broad and deep understanding of Sri Aurobindo’s philosophical thought and spiritual practice, which add a new dimension to Hindu thought. It is offered jointly by the Sri Aurobindo Centre for Advanced Research (SACAR), Puducherry, India and Hindu University of America.

Master’s Degree Program Requirements

The Master’s Degree in Sri Aurobindo Studies requires 30 credits in course work and 6 credits in Master’s Thesis work. The courses for this program include

3 Core Courses (to be completed with HUA)

HUC 5001 Principles of Hinduism                                               3 credits

HUC 5003 Basic Sanskrit                                                            3 credits

HUC 5004 Research Methodology                                              3 credits


Elective courses available for this program include the following

Two out of the group of the following six HUA academic electives

HIN 5001 – Basic Hindu Scriptures

HIN 5002 – Universal Themes in Hinduism

HIN 5003 – Historical Development of Hinduism

HIN 5104 – Message of Srimad Bhagavad Gita

HNP 5001 – Vedic Philosophy

HNP 5002 – Philosophy of the Upanishads


Five out of the group of the following twelve SACAR academic electives

  1.  Philosophy of Evolution of Consciousness
  2. Psychology of Yoga
  3. Education for Inner Growth
  4. Emergence of Inner Being
  5. Foundations of Indian Culture
  6. Mahavakyas of the Upanishads
  7. Psychological Approach to Bhagavad Gita
  8. Rhythm of Social Development
  9. Towards Human Unity
  10. Poetry of the Future
  11. Next Step in Human Evolution
  12. Hierarchy of Consciousness
  13. Integral Personality Development
  14. Principles of Integral Management
  15. Science of Living


The most important part of this program is

Mentored Research leading to a Master’s Thesis (6 Credits)


Doctoral Degree Program in Sri Aurobindo Studies Requirements

Minimum academic requirement for this doctoral degree include 36 academic credits in course work and another minimum 30 academic credits in doctoral thesis work. All of the course credits for HUA Master’s Degree are directly applicable to the doctoral program


2 Core Courses                                                                     6 credits as above

Electives                                                                                27 credits as above

Research Methodology Course                                             3 credits

Doctoral Thesis                                                                    30 credits


Please note that the academic credits for courses completed for master’s degree (not the master’s thesis) are also counted towards completing the requirements for doctoral degree. Although it is not a basic requirement, students are encouraged to complete master’s degree requirements before the doctoral thesis work is taken up. Candidates for the doctoral degree need to go through three examinations related to doctoral research 1. Doctoral Qualifying Examination to be completed before the candidate is registered for doctoral thesis credit; 2. Comprehensive Examination when the candidate is about half-way through in thesis research work; and 3. Final Thesis Examination after the thesis research is completed and the thesis is formally submitted to HUA.


Summary of Requirements for the Sri Aurobindo Studies for Coursework and Thesis



Program (36 credits)

HU Doctoral Degree


(66 credits)

HU Core Courses HUC 5001 HUC 5001
HUC 5003 HUC 5003
HUC 5004 HUC 5004
Electives 2 out of 6 HU courses

(6 credits)

Total (27 credits)
5 out of 12 SACAR courses

(15 credits)

Thesis Master’s Thesis

(6 credits)

Doctoral Thesis

(30 credits)