Index of Courses

“As long as I live, so long do I learn.” – Ramakrishna


AYS 5001 Śharīra Vigyan: Ayurvedic Perspective of the Human Body
AYS 5002 Nidan-Ayurvedic: Diagnosis; Constitutional Exam
AYS 5003 Vanaspati Śhāstra: Medicinal Herbs and Herbal Therapy
AYS 5004 Chikitsa – Treatment: Diet and other Therapeutic Approaches
AYS 5005 Specialized Therapies: Subtle Healing Modalities of Ayurveda
AYS 5006 Stri Vigyan: Ayurvedic Perspective of Gynecology, Obstetrics, and Surgery
AYS 6999 Thesis
AYS 7001 Practice Experience
GIT 5001 Gītā Studies-I
GIT 5002 Gītā Studies -II
GIT 5003 Gītā Chanting
GIT 5004 Gītā project
HDM 5001 The Path of Music
HDM 5002 Devotional Singing – Bhakti gāna
HDM 5003 Joy of Melody – Raga Singing
HDM 5004 The Joys of Music Training – Scales and Exercises
HDM 5005 Life as Music
HDM 5105 The Joys of Music Training – Svara Jñāna
HDM 5115 Fundamentals of Tāla
HDM 5120 Classical Songs and Improvisation
HDM 5125 Instrumental Music
HDM 5201 Beginning Singing
HDM 5205 Sanskrit Chanting
HDM 5210 Goddess Flowers – Songs of the Mother
HDM 5215 God Flowers – Songs of Ganesh, Śiva and Murugan
HDM 5220 God Flowers-Songs of the Incarnations of God
HDM 5225 God Flowers – Songs of the Unknowable God
HDM 5235 God Flowers – New Devotional Singing
HDM 5250 God Flowers – Improvising in God’s Name
HDM 5301 AUM – The Great Mantra
HDM 5305 Goddess Sarasvati, Mother of Music
HDM 5310 Music from the Heart
HDM 5315 Remembrance (Zikr) from the Chisti Order
HDM 5320 Music, Meditation and Silence
HDM 5410 Raga Attunement – Alapana
HDM 5415 Raga Attunement -Poetry and Painting
HDM 5420 Music for Healing
HDM 5450 Music Performance
HDM 5900 Selected Topics in Indian Music (practical & research)
HDM 6900 Independent Study or individualized instruction
HDM 7999 Doctoral Thesis Research
HDN 5001 Public Speaking and Communication Skills
HDN 5002 Spiritual Counseling
HDN 5003 World Major Religions
HDN 5102 Festivals and Pūjās
HDN 5103 Rituals in Different sects (Sampradāyas)
HDN 5104 Field Practice
HIN 5001 Basic Hindu Scriptures
HIN 5002 Universal Teachings of Hinduism
HIN 5003 Historical Development of Hinduism
HIN 5101 Hindu Law Books
HIN 5102 Hindu Epics
HIN 5103 Purāṇas
HIN 5104 Message of Śrīmad Bhagavad-Gītā
HIN 5201 Śaivism
HIN 5202 Vaiṣṇaivism
HIN 5301 Jainism
HIN 5302 Buddhism: Buddha Dharma – A Practical Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism
HIN 5303 Early Buddhism
HIN 5304 Later Buddhism
HIN 5311 Sikhism
HIN 5401 Hindu Medieval NirGuṇa Mysticism
HIN 5402 Hindu Religious Sects
HIN 5403 Śhankara and Hindu Renaissance
HIN 5404 Contemporary Hinduism
HIN 5501 Places of Hindu Pilgrimage
HIN 5502 Hindu Temples and Architecture
HIN 5503 Hindu Religious Art, Dance, Music
HIN 5504 Hinduism Religion and Literature
HIN 5505 Hindu Festivals
HIN 5506 Hindu Rituals and Saṃskāras
HIN 5601 Hinduism in North America
HIN 5602 Hinduism around the World
HIN 5900 Independent Study 1
HIN 6100 Selected Topics in Hinduism
HIN 6101 Katha Upanishad
HIN 6900 Independent Study 2
HIN 6999 Master’s Thesis
HIN 7999 Doctoral Thesis Research
HNP 5001 Vedic Philosophy
HNP 5002 Philosophy of the Upaniṣhads
HNP 5003 Philosophy of Śrīmad Bhagavad Gītā
HNP 5004 Introduction to Vedanta
HNP 5202 Vaiṣṇaivism
HNP 5401 Hindu Medieval NirGuṇa Mysticism
HNP 5602 Tantrism   
HNP 5701 Contemporary Hindu Philosophers
HNP 5801 Nyāya and Vaiśheṣhika
HNP 5802 Sāmkhya and Yoga
HNP 5803 Purva Mīmāṃsa and Uttara Mīmāṃsa
HNP 6101 Selected Topics in Hindu Philosophies
HNP 6900 Independent Study 2
HNP 6999 Master’s Thesis Research
HNP 7999 Doctoral Thesis Research
HUC 5001 Principles of Hinduism
HUC 5002 Practices of Hinduism
HUC 5003 Basic Sanskrit
JYO 5001 Basic Jyotiṣh
JYO 5101 General Astrology & Astronomy
JYO 5102 Mathematical and Predictive Astrology
JYO 5201 Birth Time Rectification, Yoga and Transits
JYO 5202 Delineation of Charts, Vimśhottari Daśhā
JYO 5203 Annual Horoscopy or Tajik System
JYO 5204 Calculation and Effects of Six Types of Planetary Strengths (Shad-Bala)
JYO 5205 Divisional Charts
JYO 5301 Aṣhtakvarga and Judgement of Bhāva’s
JYO 5302 Horary (Praśhṇa)
JYO 5303 Jaimini Astrology
JYO 5401 Medical Astrology
JYO 5402 Timing of Marriage, Muhūrta & Match Making
JYO 5403 Astro Meteorology and Mundane Astrology
JYO 6001 Intensive Seminar I
JYO 6002 Intensive Seminar II
JYO 6999 Master’s Thesis
MGC 5001 Introduction to Conflict and Peace Studies
MGC 5002 Indian Thought and Conflict Resolution
SAN 5001 Pāṇinian Sanskrit
SAN 5002 Epic Sanskrit
SAN 5003 Creative Sanskrit Composition
SAN 5004 Classical Text Study
SAN 5005 Cultural History of Sanskrit literature & criticism
SAN 5006 Technical Sanskrit
SAN 5007 Comparative linguistics and Language Technology
SAN 5008 Sanskrit based Brāhmi languages (Prakrits/ Tamils)
SAN 6999 Master’s Thesis
YED 5001 (Alternate): Classical Yoga Theory
YED 5001 Patañjali’s Yoga Darśhana
YED 5002 (Alternate): An Innovated Yoga
YED 5002 Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
YED 5003 (Alternate): Hath Yoga-I
YED 5003 Introductory Haṭha Yoga
YED 5004 (Alternate): Hath Yoga-2
YED 5004 Intermediate Haṭha Yoga
YED 5005 Advanced Haṭha Yoga
YED 5006 Yoga Physiology
YED 5101 Prāṇāyāma
YED 5104 Message of Srimad Bhagavad Gītā
YED 5201 Mind Body Relationship
YED 5301 Yoga Therapy
YED 5302 Yoga and Longevity
YED 5303 Introduction to Ayurveda
YED 5401 Advanced Classical Yoga Theory
YED 5402 Advanced Classical Yoga Theory – II
YED 5403 Advanced Classical Yoga Theory – III
YED 5501 Practice of Advanced Techniques – I
YED 5502 Practice of Advanced Techniques – II
YED 5900 Independent Study
YED 6101 Selected Topics in Yoga Education
YED 6201 Dissertation
YED 6301 Dissertation
YPM 5001 Patañjali’s Yoga Darśhana
YPM 5002 Kapila’s Sāmkhya Darśhana
YPM 5003 Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
YPM 5101 Ancient Yogis and Their Teachings
YPM 5102 Medieval Yogis and Their Teachings
YPM 5103 Modern Yogis and Their Teachings
YPM 5104 Message of Srimad Bhagavad Gītā
YPM 5201 Four Paths of Yoga
YPM 5202 Relevance of Yoga in Modern Times
YPM 5203 Spiritual Linguistics
YPM 5301 Yoga and Other Indian Philosophies
YPM 5302 Yoga and Buddhist Meditation
YPM 5303 Yoga and Sufi Meditation
YPM 5401 Yoga and Tantric Meditation
YPM 5501 Principles and Practice of Haṭha Yoga
YPM 5900 Independent Study 1
YPM 6101 Selected Topics in Yoga Philosophy & Meditation
YPM 6900 Independent Study 2
YPM 6999 Master’s Thesis Research
YPM 7999 Doctoral Thesis Research